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Concrete Buffer Gone Wild

My dad's description: We're glad that nobody was injured in this potentially hazardous situation. If my memory is correct we bought lunch for some of the participants. This was a great construction crew and they built a magnificent facility for us to enjoy every day. PS: Muttley is enjoying all of the attention!!

The Young Taoism Fighter - Phantom Limbs

The Young Taoism Fighter is yet another hit of primo celluloid LSD hustled by Chan Chi Hwa and the Yuen Clan. In this, the film's final battle scene, hero Ko Sheng discovers that the best way to defeat the pee drinking, placenta eating, skeleton hand/sword/whip-wielding villain Tien Wu is to come apart at the seams.

Siri: The Horror Movie

Get your Rooster Teeth Holiday Shirt! Tweet this video: Check out our website! Get the song at the end of the video here: Beware the upgrade.....

Cat mom hugs baby kitten

thanks to for being the first to write about this video and to for making it viral. And for all nice comments as well. :) lots of comments on video, cant read them all but a lot are spam and nasty - thats why they are now disabled, sorry.


I make all different kinds of music, check it out: Download PFUDOR on iTunes! Or get my CD: Punk version here: Shop: Click to tweet: Support me on Subbable: Follow me: Learn how to play it: You want to remix it yes? Stems are here, BPM is 118: Coloring and additional editing by Chris Di Staulo: Captions: English - Shannon French - Cazyroz Czech - Jakub Hofman Italian - Jakub Hofman & Daniel Colciaghi Norwegian - Linn Pettersen German - Anina Rosik Swiss German - Linda Schneider Polish - Paweł Garbacz Swedish - Annika Ekholm Spanish - Victoria Resumil Danish - Lærke Beck Johasen Finnish - Jenna Arabic - Ryan Heisler Russian - Maria Tutevich Dutch - Camille Carpentier

Schrödinger's Nyan Cat

Confused? So are we: Music edited from the "Pecker" soundtrack: "Uh! Oh! (Part 1)" by Nutty Squirrels and "I'm a Nut" by Leroy Pullins

Cat soothing crying baby to sleep - too cute!

Our cat Stewie helps put our new baby Connar to sleep... cutest bit is right at the end!

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