Power margins this winter: ENTSO-E’s winter outlook report shows increased risks; Transmission System Operators increase cooperation

Reduced margins (available generation over load) in Europe this winter, in particular under severe weather conditions and accounting for the limited interconnection capacities between countries, have placed European TSOs on alert for this winter. ENTSO-E’s President Daniel Dobbeni notes that for this winter reserves to deal with severe situations are lower than in the past; due to the reduction of the available German power generation in the aftermath of the serious nuclear situation in Japan. ENTSO-E published today its Winter Outlook 2011-2012 and Summer Review 2011; the analysis indicates that under severe conditions, December and January could be the most stressed months of the winter for security of supply. As cross border interconnector flows’ peak in order to maintain system security, France could require a significant level of imports from neighbouring countries including Germany. However, Germany and France could also be unable to assist each other if extreme conditions occur in both countries at the same time ...Zum vollständigen Artikel

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