Constitutional Iconography

Over at Hungarian Spectrum Eva Balogh has much fun with a series of paintings commissioned by the Hungarian government commemorating various episodes from the recent magyar history.

You can often get a sense of what a regime is about by looking at the art they sponsor: Stalins sturdy tractorists spring to mind, or North Korea’s “mass games“.

Looking at Orban’s choice the sense you get, beside aestethic tooth-ache, is one of bewilderment: There is one picture dedicated to the memory of the demonstrations in 2006, where Fidesz loyalists clashed violently with the police under a socialist-liberal government. You see a policeman stabbing a white-clad angel-like virgin into the chest: Blunt enough, you think. But then again, the whole thing looks remarkably like St. George finishing off that dragon…

Exceedingly weird is the last picture of the series: It’s about our favorite topic with respect to Hungary, the new constitution.

You have St. Steven, naked but for his crown, his lower body disappearing in luminescent mist, mildly watching the scene from heaven above ...

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