Destroying works of art/Kalkfleck folgt Fettecke

This isn't the first time a cleaner has destroyed a work of art. I remember one of Joseph Beuys' fat corners - Fettecken - where he'd thrown some butter or something at a plastic shape and it was just left as it was. Here's a machine translation account of that:
the famous end of the fat corner a cleaning strength removed 1986 after Beuys death arbitrarily the fat, because it it not as work of art, but when dirt regarded. To 27. October 1987 came it therefore to a process. The country North Rhine-Westphalia paid at that time finally 40,000 DM payment of damages to the owner of the work. Because of this anecdote the fat corner ranks among the most popular, although also to few understood work of the artist.
Cleaning strength means a cleaner - Reinigungskraft. When Beuys was shot down over the Crimea in WWII, he claimed he was rescued by Tatar nomads who smeared him with animal fat and wrapped him in felt, hence his obsession with fat ...Zum vollständigen Artikel

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