Bundestag hearing on English as court language/Anhörung zu Englisch als Gerichtssprache

On November 9 the Bundestag law committee will be discussing the draft bill for an Act to introduce Chambers for International Commercial Matters (Gesetz zur Einführung von Kammern für internationale Handelssachen - KfiHG). On the Bundestag site you can find the text, list of the seven experts who have been invited, agenda and opinions of four of them, all in German. All those involved seem pretty positive about the whole thing. I noted some points in the bill and accompanying blurb - paraphrase of the bill except for my remarks in brackets): 1. At present German is the court language. These chambers at the Landgericht will be able to hold proceedings in English, and their records and decisions can be in English too - the parties have to agree. The Oberlandesgericht courts which hear appeals from the chambers can do it in English too (but no reference to the Bundesgerichtshof). 2. In introducing these chambers, Germany will become much more attractive as a jurisdiction. It will be shown that Germany has judges of the highest quality who have trained abroad, and similarly brilliant lay judges with great practical experience. 3. The use of English won't encourage the introduction of the common law - it will be a case of German law, German courts, but English language. 4. Obviously the court personnel need to speak English too ...Zum vollständigen Artikel

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