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1. Tradulinguas conference in Lisbon: There was a legal translation conference in Lisbon recently, which I couldn't go to. Philippa Hammond has a report with links on her blog, Blogging Translator. I would have been interested to hear some of the speakers. I see one of them was a Netherlands lawyer-translator called Antoinette Dop, who I once exchanged business cards with in Hammick's in London. One of the links leads to a PDF - scroll down here to Ingemar Strandvik - about multilingual drafting in the EU. The PDF must be by Ingemar Strandvik, although it has no name on it, and it refers to a 'study', which I presume means the conference paper. One thing that I wonder about the EU is how far the translators are responsible for the legislation - I had always assumed that it was the product of legislators, not necessarily linguists or even lawyers - and I presume that is true of the first drafts, but these are followed by translation into the remaining of the 23 languages ...Zum vollständigen Artikel

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