From the Oxford Dictionary for Writers and Editors:
Qaddafi, Muammar /Muhammed al-) (b. 1942) Libyan leader - use Qaddāfī in specialist texts; not Gadafi, Gadhdhafi, Qadafy, Gaddafi (although preferred by The Times), Gadaffi
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It’s been all over the news: the death of controversial, feared, despised, admired Libyan leader Mum…Muam…Moamm… Let’s just say M., shall we? Right then. Libyan leader M. Ghad…Quad…Kadh…Gahd… Crap. Just how the heck to you spell that guy’s name? According to one article I read many moons ago, there have been a recorded 112 different ways his name has been spelled. And that’s apparently not the only strange thing about him.
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I’ve been “translating” his name (from the Italian version, Gheddafi) just about every day since the Libyan uprising began (I work with another translator on the English version of the Italian Foreign Ministry’s website). So when the rebellion broke out we had to decide quickly on which version to use. We opted to follow the European Commission’s lead, Italy being a European Union country, and use Gaddafi ...
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