Cats and immigrants/Katzen und Immigranten

In an earlier entry I mentioned the heavily biased reporting of a Bolivian immigrant to the UK who was said to have been allowed to stay to look after his cat - whereas the acquisition of the cat was just one of several points suggesting that he and his girlfriend planned a long-term relationship. It seems that Theresa May, the UK home secretary, also believes the tabloid version of this story. The Guardian reports:
The justice secretary told a fringe meeting organised by the Daily Telegraph: "I've never had a conversation on the subject with Theresa, so I'd have to find out about these strange cases she is throwing out. "They are British cases and British judges she is complaining about. I cannot believe anybody has ever had deportation refused on the basis of owning a cat. I'll have a small bet with her that nobody has ever been refused deportation on the grounds of the ownership of a cat." A Home Office source later defended May, saying she had been right. The source quoted the judge in the case, who said: "The evidence concerning the joint acquisition of Maya [the cat] by the appellant and his partner reinforces my conclusion on the strength and quality of the family life that appellant and his partner enjoy.
The UK Human Rights Blog has taken this up ...Zum vollständigen Artikel

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