Comparative test of Internet Anonymizers

Reports on „“ identifying users to law enforcement authorities have raised awareness of the fact that not all VPN services are anonymizers, effectively protecting your privacy on the web. Your privacy is reasonably safe only with VPN providers that do not log your IP address or other personally identifiable information when signing up for, paying for and using their service. Even then, providers can generally be required to keep logs needed for a specific criminal investigation, in order to identify criminal suspects (data preservation). However your privacy is reasonably well protected if your online activity is traceable only while such an investigation is taking place.

We have been publishing and updating a comparative test of VPN services in German since 2009 which points out which VPN services log their users‘ IP addresses and which do not. Due to the current interest I am providing an English version of the short summary of the results (last updated: 02/06/2011). The test relies on information given by the providers.

Based in No logging of any traffic data (not even partially or temporarily) No e-mail port blocking Price 1. Jondonym International from 6,15 €/GB 2. Tor International 0 3. Cyberghost VPN Romania from 0 € 4. Perfect Privacy International () from 10 €/month 5. Relakks Sweden from 5 €/month 6. Internet Anonym VPN Germany from 12 €/month and 25 GB 7. Ivacy Switzerland from 8,33 €/month or 0,50 €/GB 8 ...Zum vollständigen Artikel

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