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Another stopgap: some other webpages and blog entries. 1. I've mentioned the Stella Liebeck case before (the hot coffee at McDonalds case - see also German Wikipedia). Now there is a film made by a lawyer that attempts to educate the public about this and other litigation issues: Hot Coffee - see also German Wikipedia entry and English Wikipedia entry. (Via German American Law Journal blog) 2. Lisa John seems to have persuaded Manypedia to put English and German Wikipedia entries side by side rather than machine-translating them, See Ü wie Übersetzen (in German), where you can also see a screenshot. You have to click on 'disable translation'. 3. In connection with Troy Davis' execution, Andrew Hammel comments on the attitude to the death penalty in the USA and Europe. He has been quoted by the New York Times on an earlier entry. 4. Troy Davis protested his innocence. Boing Boing reported that he refused a final meal:
11:13pm ET: The execution began at 10:53pm. Troy Davis was reported dead at 11:08PM ET ...
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