*Literature Review: Keyword Advertising in the US, France and Turkey

Many great articles have been published on the topic of keyword advertising during the last couple of months, three of which are especially recommended for the readers of this blog:

  • Bednarz, Keyword Advertising Before The French Supreme Court and Beyond – Calm At Least After Turbulent Times for Google and Its Advertising Clients, IIC 2011, 641.

Bednarz in detail analyses recent French decisions in the light of the ECJ’s Google France decision and reaches the conclusion that, although the French courts were well-known for not missing a chance to find Google or its advertisers guilty on whatever legal matter (trademark law, law of unfair competition, tort law) was presented to them, this apparently has changed.

  • Kulk, Search Engines Searching for Trouble? – Comparing Search Engine Operator Responsibility for Competitive Keyword Advertising Under EU and US Trademark Law, July 2011 ...
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