More than 27,000 S. Korean users join class-action suit against Apple

CHANGWON, South Korea, Aug. 1 (Yonhap) — “More than 27,000 iPhone users in South Korea have paid to join a class-action suit against the Korean unit of the U.S. electronics giant Apple Inc., claiming that Apple breached their privacy by tracking and storing their location, a law firm engaged in the case said Monday.

The people responded to Miraelaw’s appeal for participation in the class-action suit from July 15 till July 31 after its lawyer Kim Hyung-suk, an iPhone user, received 1 million won (US$950) in the first court-ordered compensation from Apple Korea over its privacy violations, according to the law firm.

The class-action suit will likely seek a combined compensation of 27 billion won, or 1 million won to each of the complaints, the firm said.

The Changwon-based firm also said it will lodge the suit against Apple Korea in early or mid August either with the Changwon District Court or the Seoul Central District Court.

The firm will also consider diverting the suit to Apple’s U.S. headquarters, given that it is the manufacturer of the location-tracking mobile phone ...

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