Anerkennung von ausländischen Urteilen in den USA

Schilderung aus US-Anwaltssicht mit Hinweis auf die wesentlichen Rechtsbegriffe und Gesetze; für viele US-Anwälte – so die Erfahrung von NIETZER & HÄUSLER – allerdings ein unbekanntes Feld: Enforcing International Judgments,by Houston Putnam Lowry

It had the appearances of an ordinary day. An old client you hadn’t heard from in a long time called and wanted an appointment to discuss enforcing a judgment. When the client arrived, you learned it was a judgment from another country, not a sister state within the United States. You begin wondering what your options might be.

How Do You Prove the Judgment? The first question is how do you prove the judgment? In the United States, you would simply get a certified copy and that’s the end of it.

When dealing with a foreign judgment, you need to get a copy of the judgment certified by the local foreign court (usually by the clerk of the court). Next, you must have someone (possibly from the ministry of justice) certify who is the clerk of the court. This might seem easy, but it can be difficult in practice. In my home state, the Connecticut Secretary of the State keeps track of the probate judges but not the clerks of the probate court (meaning the secretary of the state will certify the signature of a probate judge but not the signature of a probate clerk). Then you need someone from the U.S. State Department to certify the certification from the minister of justice. With this stream of certifications, your copy of the judgment is ready to be presented to the receiving court.

By now your head is spinning and you are thinking how long is this going to take and how much will each of these certifications cost. Both of these are proper concerns—for both you and your client. If it takes six months to obtain a certified copy of the foreign judgment, that will certainly slow down enforcement proceedings ...

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