ENTSO-E publishes the Study Roadmap towards the Modular Development Plan on pan-European Electricity Highways System 2050 (MoDPEHS) and starts of the official application phase for the Consortium

Considering the political and financial importance of the development of a pan-European Electricity Highways System, ENTSO-E took the initiative to prepare a comprehensive study project towards the Electricity Highways System 2050.The study was carried out in consultation with stakeholders and DG Energy and is in line with the Communication of the European Commission on Infrastructure Priorities for 2020 and beyond (EIP). The ENTSO-E 2050 3-year Study Roadmap identifies the necessary work streams to produce an Electricity Highways roadmap to 2050 in alignment with the requirements of the EIP. The Study Roadmap covers all relevant issues that will need to be considered in the development of a credible long-term strategic plan to 2050 - The Modular Development Plan on a pan-European Electricity Highways System 2050 - (MoDPEHS) ...Zum vollständigen Artikel

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