Visae Patentes Merges with IPJur to become KSNH::LAW and KSNH::JUR

In winter 2009 I started thinking about building up the Visae Patentes blog as a privat medium for IP related issues that I found interesting or important. My idea was to blog those things that I come across my daily rotuine as a patent attorney of the Munich-based IP law firm KSNH. I soon felt that I had to produce a certain constant flow of postings in order to establish the blog as a known source in the IP blogosphere. There certaily are many excellent and highly competent IP blogs out there and also some flagships that earn a great deal of well-deserved attention. I realised that being a solo blogger is nice, but it would be even nicer and also more effective to have fellow bloggers to share responsibilities and success with. So I went into medias res with my good colleague Axel H Horns, an experienced IP blogger who also had the feeling that something had to be changed with his popular IPJur blog that he runs for many years now. We soon decided to join forces and go for something new, which finally ended up our new blogs KSNH::LAW and KSNH::JUR under the agies of our patent firm ...Zum vollständigen Artikel

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