62nd meeting of the CDM Executive Board in Marrakesh - Highlights

Meeting in Marrakesh, Morocco, the city where the rules of the Clean Development Mechanism (CDM) were agreed some 10 years ago, the CDM Executive Board approved on 15 July 2011 two important guidelines that should allow low-greenhouse-gas emitting countries and underrepresented countries to benefit more from the mechanism. The first, guidelines on standardized baselines, allow countries to calculate the typical emissions for an entire sector and create a list of technologies or measures that automatically qualify for approval because of their ability to reduce emissions below that baseline level. For example, a stove recognized as being more efficient than the regular, higher emitting stove might automatically qualify for approval. The second, known informally as guidelines on suppressed demand, allow project developers to assume a level of development in underrepresented countries that would lead to emissions, to be avoided. For example, a project that installs an advanced water treatment facility in a country with no water treatment facilities might earn credits. In other words, it allows for the introduction of clean technology without first having to suffer through dirty technologies ...Zum vollständigen Artikel

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