*Instant Preview Now Enabled -Almost- By Default

Most users will have noticed that Google’s search engine results page recently received a decent overhaul. One of the many things that has changed is the Instant Preview Function. This function allows users t ‘preview’ the website of a search result or an linked-to ad. Preview has been available for search results (‘Google Preview‘) since October 2010 and for ads (‘Instant Preview for Ads‘) since April 2011.Preview used to be - and still is - disabled by default and it is necessary to click onto a small magnifying glass on the right hand side of the ad or the search result to activate it. ->

What was changed during the last overhaul is, that although this function is still disabled by default, clicking somewhere “near/around” a search result or an ad will enable it.

(Yes, I know. Please feel free to test it yourself now … but please don’t get carried away, the law stuff is still to follow below)

When the honourable Dr. Ott was questioning the ratio of my last post on this issue (instant preview results lead to an increase in transparency, decrease the likeliness of confusion or wrong assumption about economic connection etc), his main criticism was that the function is not enabled by default ...

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