Why I love German/Warum ich die deutsche Sprache liebe

This is an article from the FAZ written by Tim Schroder and preserved on the website of German Language Services. I don't know how old it is, but I found Tim Schroder credited as a translator for a Bertelsmann publication in 2010. But obviously it dates from a time when people smoked in cafés here.
Es zieht: One of the first proverb-like sayings taught in German language courses is Frische Luft ist gesund, "Fresh air is healthy." Don't be fooled. For obscure reasons, Germans have got it into their heads that air is the enemy, especially indoors. For a bit of enjoyment, go into a cafe on a dull winter's day, one where the guests can barely be distinguished through the cigarette smoke, and tilt open a window just a crack ...
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