Shutdown of eight nuclear power plants no threat to Europe - European power balance expected to be maintained this summer

ENTSO-E’s Summer Outlook Report 2011 finds that, in average weather conditions, the balance between generation and supply is expected to be maintained in Europe during the entire summer period, although some countries will rely on imports over the whole summer period (Finland, Hungary, Poland and Latvia). In case of sustained heat waves or high temperatures, reliability margins are reduced and challenging situations might occur in some countries and regions. The report, published on 16 June, takes into account a first analysis of the impact of the shutdown of eight nuclear power plants in Germany on the electricity transmission network and the short-term power system adequacy in Europe. It assumes that the eight affected power plants will remain disconnected from the grid. The German government decision to disconnect eight nuclear power units (corresponding to 8300 MW) on 16 March leads to higher utilization of other power plants and increasing imports from neighboring countries ...Zum vollständigen Artikel

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