EU Council conclusions on key issues/ and next steps in international climate finance

3088th ECONOMIC and FINANCIAL AFFAIRS Council meeting, Brussels, 17 May 2011 The Council emphesises that a combination of public finance, including innovative sources, and private sources, alongside increased lending and leveraging by financial institutions (multilateral and bilateral) is essential to delivering this amount of funding and recalls that private funding will be, via appropriate policy frameworks, a major source of the necessary investments. The Council recognises that a robust carbon market is required, which drives the carbon price necessary for low-carbon investment, to achieve global mitigation objectives in an efficient way and to support the level of private and public sources required. Furthemore, the Council highlights that in the above context it will be important to strive for predictability and continuity in international climate finance, and to work towards the identification of a path for scaling up climate funding from 2013 to 2020 ...Zum vollständigen Artikel

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