EU Council conclusions on economic aspects of EU energy and climate change issues

3088th ECONOMIC and FINANCIAL AFFAIRS Council meeting, Brussels, 17 May 2011 With respect to energy infrastructure the Council TAKES NOTE of the Commission Communication 'Energy infrastructure priorities for 2020 and beyond – a blueprint for an integrated European energy network'; RECALLS that the EU-wide energy market will be key to delivering our energy and climate change objectives; and STRESSES that the immediate point of departure must be to fully implement the 2nd and 3rd packages on delivering the EU internal market for energy in all Member States. RECALLS that the market must continue to play the main role in financing energy infrastructure investment, with costs recovered through tariffs; RECOGNISES that where clearly identified market failures are present, the first response has to be full consideration of measures to improve market functioning including as appropriate, planning reforms, adjustment of the regulatory framework, and the removal of inefficient subsidies for fossil fuels ...Zum vollständigen Artikel

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