Remedy Provided by EPC for Unobserved Terms due to Japan Earthquake

On the occasion of the situation in Japan after the earthquake on 11 March 2011, the EPO has today published this Notice, in which Japaneses applicants and their Representatives are reminded of the special remedy according to Rule 134(5) EPC in case a term could not be observed "due to an exceptional occurrence such as a natural disaster": In view of the current tragic events in Japan, attention is drawn to the general legal remedies provided under the European Patent Convention in the case of the non-observance of time limits and, more specifically, to Rule 134(5) EPC. Rule 134(5) EPC offers a safeguard in the case of non-observance of a time limit due to an exceptional occurrence such as a natural disaster or other like reasons affecting the locality where the party or his representative resides or has his place of business ...Zum vollständigen Artikel

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