OHIM Forces Users into e-Communication Platform to Improve Quality of Service

Within OHIM's quality plus initiative, the MyPage online service is a personalised platform providing a range of online solutions for CTM/RCD applicants, such as e-communication (mailbox for official communications), management of CTM/RCD applications, e-opposition, e-renewal, and CTM Watch, the latter being an automated e-mail alert system monitoring the status of CTM and IR applications. This platform is promoted to provide users with such great advantages like improved security and reliability, quicker communication, and central archiving. OHIM appears to be quite enthusiastic about - and having the money for - all those great opportunities of online services and e-commerce. However, while this all sounds very modern, consequent and really pragmatic, 'electronification' of service provider services often turns out to be not a great achievement for customers (or their representatives), since the implemented solutions tend to improve internal efficiency by shifting responsibilities, infrastructural issues and work to the users. Whitin this context, OHIM announced on 10 January 2011 that the current practice of sending a letter (L 124) to applicants or representatives to inform about the publication of a CTM application in the CTM Bulletin will be stopped as of 1 February 2011 with the effect that for all application filed as of that date, the CTM publication letters will be replaced by an MyPage e-mail alert. To set up the new alert feature within the MyPage service, the users have to implement the provided instructions for each single pending trademark case - without receiving any fee reductions. In my eyes, this approach is a clear example for shifting burden from the office to the users, since now the user is responsible for setting up and maintaining the required computer infrastructure in order to regularly access office-sided mailboxes and retrieve official e-mail notifications ...Zum vollständigen Artikel

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