Walk like an Egyptian

Wer in den letzten Wochen eine Zeitung aufgeschlagen, wird mit den Bildern protestierender Ägypter vertraut sein. Was mich an den Protesten immer wieder erstaunt, ist der Humor vieler Demonstrierender. In einem Artikel auf Alarabia.net über die Ägyptische Protestkultur steht:

Egyptians’ sense of humor

The protests also revealed the way Egyptians maintain their sense of humor even in the toughest times. This is basically demonstrated in the banners protestors carry.

An example of this is a sign held by one of the protestors, addressing President Hosni Mubarak: “Please leave… my arm hurts.” A similar one is held by a man who has his child sleeping on his shoulder: “Please leave… my shoulder hurts.”

A newly married youth who obviously wants to start a new life and see his rights granted wrote: “Please leave. I got married 20 days ago and I miss my wife.”

Another protestor with long, disheveled hair held a banner that read, “Please leave. I want to get a haircut.”

Although Egyptians are generally known for being talkative and for their love of details, the Jan ...

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