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A few links to make up for not posting: Supreme Court blogs The UKSC Blog has a post on other supreme court blogs in other countries, in particular Ex Tempore in Ireland:
“Ex Tempore” is a lawyers’ latin term meaning, roughly, “at the time.” Unusually for a Supreme Court, the Irish Supreme Court resolves a large proportion of its cases ex tempore, by issuing its decision orally at the conclusion of the argument, without issuing a written judgment. The name “Ex Tempore” also captures the strengths and limits of any blog that covers a working Court: the blog posts are timely and off-the-cuff.
Also Strasbourg Observers, a project of Ghent University to observe the European Court of Human Rights. There's also an ECJ blog, and of course the SCOTUSblog. Court artist was also new to me, as was The Court (Canada). North American English dialects Rick Aschmann has developed a site where he collects YouTube videos and locates their pronunciation on a map. About himself he writes:
I am a professional linguist and a Christian missionary, working in indigenous Amerindian languages. My work has nothing to do with English, so that is why this project is just a hobby ...
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