Woman claims repair notices caused emotional damage, sues for $500K

Jackpot Justice – eine never ending story, hier ein weiteres Beispiel.

“It’s very apparent to me that this whole case isn’t about justice. It was about trying to legally extort as much money as possible.” Vytas Juskys · LT Properties · Los Angeles, CA

Vytas Juskys and his small business manage apartment buildings and are committed to constantly upgrading and making repairs to the homes of the tenants. He thought that improving their apartments and the common areas would help his residents love where they lived; he never expected that one of them would thank him with a lawsuit.

Juskys was in the process of improving an apartment complex he had just acquired when he learned he was being sued. He had been making a variety of repairs to the building and the surrounding facilities, and he was posting regular repair notices on the tenants’ doors, as is required by law ...

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