EPO Publishing Something Like A "White Paper" In Exchange For Personal Data

Today, the European Patent Office (EPO) has made available a second edition of An overview of the national patent litigation systems in Europe available for download on-line. The text provides an overview of the national patent litigation systems across the European Patent Organisation's 38 Contracting States and presents an at-a-glance description of the different national revocation, nullity and infringement procedures currently in place. The competent courts dealing with these matters at first instance and appeal are also depicted.

In principle this publication should be warmly greeted as the EPO is well known for providing high quality contents on its website.

However, what has irritated me in this case is that they don't simply offer a download link as usual but lead me to a form (see screenshot picture above) where I am requested to fill in a number of mandatory fields before going on with the download:

First name Surname Job title Organisation/Company City Country e-mail address

What if a member of the general public is interested in this matter without being affiliated with an organisation or a company? Is EPO about to refuse to give away such papers to interested private individuals? Well, and there are "Terms of Use":

"Patent Litigation in Europe has been prepared by the European Patent Office (EPO) ...

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