Deutsches Bilanzrecht/German Accounting Legislation

Here is my second colleague's book. The photo is not too good. Details on the publisher's website (in German). This is a synoptic translation: the original German on the left, sometimes descriptive, sometimes parts of legislation, and the English version, by Fry & Bonthrone Partnership, on the right. I must say I haven't used this much. I used to use its predecessor quite a lot, but that was in the days when I actually translated German accounting texts. Since then I think the translation of accounts between German and English has become more specialized, and the subject has become more complex with the introduction of the IFRS - this book has a nice table comparising IFRSs, US GAAP and German Accepted Accounting Principles, but there's lots more reading out there. Anyway, this is the Bible on accounting translation from German to English ...Zum vollständigen Artikel

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