Community swimming pool closes due to lawsuit

Jackpot Justice – Auswirkungen der Klagewut der Amerikaner, traurig aber wahr. Common Sense und Eigenverantwortung scheinen völlig verloren zu gehen.

“When there are frivolous lawsuits, I don’t think that the people realize what an impact they’re going to have on the entire community.” Evelyn Graham · Mt. Laurel Pool · Hazleton, PA

When the Mt. Laurel Pool in Hazleton, Pennsylvania closed, the community was devastated. “A lot of kids lived for that. They loved it,” says Paul Wanuga, a Hazleton resident. “And it was good because it kept kids out of trouble” in a community where residents say there is too much vandalism and crime. But a lawsuit shuttered the pool, and the once pristine facility is now in shambles. The pool and its founder, Evelyn Graham, welcomed thousands of swimmers every summer for more than ten years. Mt. Laurel Pool provided a gathering place for families and neighbors and summer jobs for teenagers ...

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