Chris Durban and Eugene Seidel: The Prosperous Translator

I am going to introduce two books by colleagues that have fallen into my hands in recent years. This is not a review, as I haven't read them all. The Prosperous Translator - Advice from Fire Ant & Worker Bee is a compilation of the agony aunt and uncle column in Gabe Bokor's Translation Journal. The authors answer questions from translators and would-be translators. They have been doing this for many years now. I always thought that the questions were invented by the authors, but I have been firmly told this is not so. I have also been tempted to create a spoof column in this style: I think the format has a lot of potential. The book has a website. You can buy it from or from amazon (the latter probably gives the authors less royalties). What I find very interesting is the classification into topics and the index (Chris told me the index was done by a professional indexer). This makes the information more accessible. It wasn't very easy to photograph that. I toyed with tearing a page out and scanning it (can't be bothered to reinstall my flatbed scanner), but the pages seem very hard to tear out - a mark of quality - so I left it in. Thus there are a number of queries on legal translation now collected together, as one sub-chapter of '8: Specializing' (by the way, I find the spelling of -ise/-ize words inconsistent). Other main chapters: Is this a real option for me? - Getting started - Doing the job - Client/cupplier relations - Pricing and value - Marketing and finding clients - Pamynet issues - Ethics - Quality of life - Professional associations - Kitchen sink. I lingered just now on an entry where the asker is caught off guard by a client dropping in and wonders what to do about the clutter. You can read this - any many more - at the Translation Journal site ...Zum vollständigen Artikel

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