Never-ending lawsuit: Family business wins two trials, now faces a third

Es lebe die Litigatious Society in den USA – auf dass Deutschland nicht dieselben (System) Fehler begehen möge!

“I know what it feels like to sit in a jury trial and see your life being auctioned off to the highest bidder.” Steve Arnold · Peachtree Pest Control · Atlanta, GA

“Everyone deserves their day in court,” says Steve Arnold, the owner of Peachtree Pest Control in Loganville, Georgia. “But when is enough, enough?” He’s referring to a fourteen-year long ordeal that forced his small, family owned business to endure a lawsuit, two trials, heavy legal expenses, and endless hours of wondering whether his business would survive.

It all began in 1996, when Steve was informed of an individual claiming they got sick due to pest control work done by Steve’s company. He investigated and found that the individual worked nowhere near where his technicians had performed their work.

Despite this, Steve’s company was sued by the individual. After going through a full trial, a jury found against the plaintiff and absolved Steve’s business from liability ...

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