System for Financial Transactions Allowed by EPO Boards of Appeal (T 1051/07)

In case T 1051/07, the EPO's Technical Board of Appeal 3.4.03 decided on allowability of EP 1 365 368 of Korean mobile service provider SK Telecom. The application relates to a system for executing financial transactions in that a mobile account is issued to a mobile phone subscriber and is administratively managed by the service provider, while a transaction with the mobile account is effectuated by a transaction between a bank account of the subscriber and intermediate accounts ("juridical body accounts") of the mobile sevice provider at different banks. The Examining Division (see decision) found that this teaching only relates to organisational, procedural or administrative aspects of financial transactions involving a mobile account that, as such, lacks technical character. The application was thus refused due to lack of invention step (Art. 56 EPC) since the difference over prior art cannot contribute to inventive step ...Zum vollständigen Artikel

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