"Today’s Global Patent System Can‘t Manage the Worldwide Challenges of Our Future"

Peter Drahos - Professor in Law and Director of the Centre for the Governance of Knowledge and Development at the Australian National University, Chair at the Queen Mary Intellectual Property Research Institurte, Lawyer, Political Scientist, and Philosopher - recently gave an interview to the EPO Staff Union (SUEPO), in which he took a critical view at the functioning of the global patent system. Based on a detailed study of the patent systems of 45 rich and poor countries, he argued in his latest book ("The Global Governance of Knowledge") that patent offices have become part of a globally integrated private governance network serving the interests of multinational companies, while the Trilateral Offices (EPO, USPTO, JPO) make developing country patent offices part of that network. Contrary to this development, Drahos recommends that patent offices should better recapture the spirit of an "original patent social contract", which Drahos identifies in the medieval idea of a fair exchange in which both parties receive something of value ...Zum vollständigen Artikel

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