Happy Christmas and all the Best for 2011!

Besides all those nice and friendly elderly Father Christmases and Santa Clauses in the western world, Iceland has a totally different tradition in this regard. So if you are fed up with Coca Cola like Santas, you may alway visit the Icelandic Yule Lads at the National Museum of Iceland during Christmas season. The thirteen Yule Lads ("Jolasveinar") and their parents, ogress Gryla and Leppaludi, are very special. Mother Gryla, for example, is known for putting misbehaving children in her sack and taking them with her to the mountains, where the family lives in caves throughout the year. Before christmas the Lads come down from the mountains into civilisation one by one, the first 13 days befor christmas, i.e. on 12 December, so that they are all in the city on 24 December. They do not behave very well at all and each of them has a certain bad habbit that characterizes him and gives him his name. They do not wear the clean red and white attire of Santa Claus but old-fashioned ugly farmer cloths ...Zum vollständigen Artikel


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