Break Trough in the EU Patent Debate Today?

It was expected that today's EU Competitive Council Meeting (see press release), headed by Mr Vincent Van Quickenborne, would be crucial to the plans of about 10 to 12 EU member states to impelement a smaller EU patent by means of enhanced cooperation, as provided by the Lisbon Treaty to reach an agreement despite of blocking members. Today, the 3057th Competitive Council Meeting discussed that matter in a public debate: According to the following twitter coverage on @EUCouncilPress, @VincentVQ, it appears that there has happened some sort of "break through", whereas it is still doubtful what kind of break throuh (in terms of votes for qualified majority) there actually was, since - as far as I understand the voting mechanism - the frequently mentioned 10 or 12 supporting countries would not be enough for qualified majority: "FINALLY the breakthrough after 40 years: a unified EU patent. The icing on the cake. We did it" (see here) @VincentVQ on #EUpatent: "Today's result is the cherry on the cake of the Belgian Presidency of the #EU #Council" #eutriobe" (see here) "Happily surprised by the strong support from many countries which did not sign up yet ...Zum vollständigen Artikel

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