Pages and sheets/Seiten und Blätter

There's been a discussion of the (Mexican) Spanish term fojas utiles. Two points came up here: firstly, these may be 'sheets with valid text' - at least, the other sheets are either blank or crossed out (inutilizadas). Short lines may be used to fill up a 'blank' page so nothing can be entered there. I thought this was interesting because I can remember some German birth certificates contain a line with the words 'eine Zeile' (a line), which I suppose is the same thing. I've never found a source for information on the procedure for documents. I doubt there is one online - this kind of thing would be in materials for court office staff and that kind of thing. The second question relates to the term sheets - would not pages be better? A sheet (the term was new to me) means a leaf of paper with a front (recto) and a back (verso). Actually, I know the term folio rather than sheet for this. One always wonders whether to use it when the German reference to a big register says Blatt. OED:
folio: 1. A leaf of paper, parchment, etc. (either loose as one of a series, or in a bound volume) which is numbered only on the front. ... recto/verson 2 ...
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