Your favourite book/Dein Lieblingsbuch

Story of the Stone (Dream of the Red Chamber) by Cao Xueqin (see earlier entry) - a novel which takes the reader into a closely described 18th-century Chinese family, tells the stories of dozens of main characters and a few hundred minor ones, with many sad stories of the girls (both the maids and the members of the family, who all had to be married off), and the whole thing wrapped in a Buddhist framework that casts a different light on all the stories in retrospect. Dore J. Levy, in Ideal and Actual in 'The Story of the Stone', says that to appreciate the novel's position in Chinese culture, we must imagine a work with the critical cachet of James Joyce's Ulysses and the popular appeal of Margaret Mitchell's Gone with the Wind, and twice as long as the two combined. Also Thomas Bernhard, particularly the autobiography in five short volumes: Die Ursache, Der Keller, Der Atem, Die Kälte, Ein Kind ...Zum vollständigen Artikel

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