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These are varied sites - I can't remember where I got most of them. 1. On YouTube, John Agard reads his poem, Listen Mr Oxford don. Here's the text.
Me not no Oxford don me a simple immigrant from Clapham Common I didn't graduate I immigrate.
The text has a strong legal element:
So mek dem send one big word after me I ent serving no jail sentence I slashing suffix in self-defence I bashing future wit present tense and if necessary I making de Queen's English accessory to my offence.
2. At the New York Times, Jürgen Habermas on Leadership and Leitkultur.
To the present day, the idea of the leitkultur depends on the misconception that the liberal state should demand more of its immigrants than learning the language of the country and accepting the principles of the Constitution. We had, and apparently still have, to overcome the view that immigrants are supposed to assimilate the “values” of the majority culture and to adopt its “customs ...
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John Agard: 'Listen Mr Oxford don'

John Agard reads his poem 'Listen Mr Oxford don' from Pamela Robertson-Pearce's film JOHN AGARD LIVE! which comes on a free DVD with his book ALTERNATIVE ANTHEM: SELECTED POEMS (Bloodaxe Books, 2009). There are two other excerpts on YouTube, one with John Agard reading the title-poem 'Alternative Anthem' and the other with Agard and fellow Guyanan Keith Waithe performing 'Flute Boy' followed by Agard's reading of 'Half-caste'. For more details, see: http://www.bloodaxebooks.com/titlepage.asp?isbn=1852248238

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