Belgian Presidency Finds Things Clear Now: There will Never be Unanimity on an EU Patent

[Vincent Van Quickenborne on the press conference of 10 Nov 2010] Two days ago I reported on the Belgian Presidency's latest compromise text for a EU patent language regime based on documents 5395/10 and 15395/10 ADD1 of 8 and 9 November 2010, respectively. This compromise was hoped to have the potential to break the deadlock and lead to a historic deal at an extraordinary Competitiveness Council on 10 November 2010. The results of the brave Belgian attempt to reach a historic deal has been announced to the curiously waiting European SME's and IP professionals in a press release of the President of the Council, Mr Vincent Van Quickenborne, Minister for Enterprise and Streamlining Policy of Belgium:
Most [i.e. not all] delegations have shown greater flexibility than ever before, because the Council understands the importance of securing an EU patent system [...]. I would like to express my sincere gratitude to all those delegations who have made efforts and shown flexibility to bring us so far. We have left no stones unturned. However, in spite of the progress made, we have fallen short of unanimity by a small margin.
As reported on IPJur, Mr Vincent Van Quickenborne explained in a press conference, that 26 of 27 delegations "were in negotiation modus" while "one delegation apparently did not have a mandate to negotiate". As a matter of the fact that the Lisbon treaty requres unanimity in all language issues, "other avenues in the (Lisbon) treaty" will now have to be considered, i.e. the enhanced cooperation. Mr Van Quickenborne also said on the press conference that "things are clear now: there will never be unanimity on an EU patent". It is reported on EurActiv that Mr Van Quickenborne's latest efforts appeared to have swayed Poland and Portugal, while Italy and especially Spain remained reluctant ...Zum vollständigen Artikel

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