New Proposal for EU Patent Language Regime by Belgian Presidency to be Discussed Tomorrow

Only recently I reported that, due to predominant national interests, the October meeting of the Competitiveness Council did not bring any improvement to the deadlock between the trilingiual language regime as proposed by the EU Commission, and alternative solutions, such as the multilingual language system supported by Spain and Italy (see provisional conclusion of the Council). Particulary, the latest compromise (non-paper) proposed by the Belgian EU Presidency was "not considered sufficient to remove the deadlock" by the parties, whereas the Belgian Presidency was reported to not loosing hopes that the Competitive Council can still find a fair compromise in this November. In this situation, it was reported today that the well-informed EurActiv network has seen a new compromise text proposed by the Belgiam Presidency, which is hoped to have the potential to break the deadlock and lead to an historic deal at an extraordinary Competitiveness Council on 10 November 2010 (tomorrow). The key element of the new proposal appears to be an open-ended transitional period during which translations of EU patents should be available only in English, but not in French or German, whereas the permanten regime, upon which English, French and German will become the three fully-fledged official languages for the EU patent, will enter into force only after the transitional period has ended ...Zum vollständigen Artikel

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