The book you are reading now/Das Buch, das du zurzeit liest

I just got a Sony eReader, of which perhaps more anon, and I decided to read Ulysses in full. We always had that book at home but I could not get far with it, although I liked the beginning. Maybe it was when we were shown extracts from Finnegans Wake in the sixth form that I felt Joyce was not for me. I think we 'did' Portrait of the Artist as a Young Man at university (I studied German with subsidiary English). So on the Reader I have a Penguin copy of the Odyssey, and lying around an old library copy of Harry Blamires guide to Ulysses, The Bloomsday Book - A guide through Joyce's Ulysses (there is a newer one, but AFAIK it just adapts the page numbers to a newer edition). I bought it through abebooks. It was originally much consulted at West Sussex County Library. It is an unpretentious guide. In the Odyssey, I've just got to the point where Odysseus arrives back in Ithaca. The Penguin edition - an E.V.Rieu translation edited by his son - has a very useful chronological summary of the events in it. The Odyssey is anything but chronological in sequence. I also have and am reading Richard David Precht, Wer bin ich - und wenn ja, wie viele? . This book is a bestseller in Germany. Precht studied philosophy and he set out to explain it to his stepchildren. His approach is unusual. He describes what fun it was to study philosophy and discuss it with other students, and how dry the lectures were, based on a historical approach. I think the title is a quote from a fellow student who was drunk. An English edition is to be published in April 2011. Here is a page about selling the rights. Here's the British publisher's blurb:
There are many books about philosophy, but "Who Am I? And If So How Many?" is different from the rest. Never before has anyone introduced readers so expertly and, at the same time, so light-heartedly and elegantly to the big philosophical questions ...
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