EPO Patent Law Committee Proposes Amending Recent Amendments to Implementing Regulations

According to an update of 29 September 2010 on the EPO website, the Committee on Patent Law, a sub-committee of the Administrative Council of the EPO, gave a favourable opinion on proposals for changes to the EPC Implementing Regulations, that will be presented to the Administrative Council for decision at its meeting on 26. to 28. October 2010 in The Hague. I think it's save to assume that the proposals will be accepted by the Administrative Council and then quickly enter into force. The proposals of the Committee relate to amendment of Rule 36(1)(a) EPC by explicitly listing the substantive communications of the examining division triggering the twenty-four-month period for filing voluntary divisional applications, namely communications under Art. 94(3) and Rule 71(1), (2) or (3) EPC; prolonging the time limit in Rules 161(1) and (2) EPC as well as in Rule 162 EPC from one month to six months; amendment of Rule 71 EPC and addition of new Rule 71a EPC improving the last phase of the grant proceedings by introducing a second step for cases where the applicant requests amendments or corrections in response to the examining division's communication informing of its intention to grant the patent under Rule 71(3) EPC. The current streamlined procedure will be maintained for all other cases ...Zum vollständigen Artikel

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