BP waives $75M cap for some oil spill claims

Zum Thema (Sammel)klagen finden Sie in diesem Blog viele Einträge, auch zum US-Gesetz, das die Geltendmachung einer Haftungsbeschränkung auf 75.000.000 USD erlaubt. Hierauf will sich BP aber nunmehr auch verbindlich nicht mehr berufen.

The Associated Press; NEW ORLEANS — BP PLC informed a federal judge Monday that the company is waiving a $75 million cap on its liability for certain economic damage claims spawned by the massive Gulf oil spill. In a court filing, BP lawyers said the company is waiving the statutory limitation on liability under the 1990 Oil Pollution Act even though it denies engaging in any gross negligence in connection with the April 20 explosion on the Deepwater Horizon rig and resulting spill. “BP consistently has said it would pay all legitimate claims, regardless of the OPA statutory limit of liability,” company lawyers wrote. Tony Hayward, then BP’s chief executive officer, said in May that the cap was largely irrelevant and all legitimate claims would be honored ...

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