World Rule of Law Index 2010 – USA

ABA Journal Law News. US Lags Well Behind Other Wealthy Nations on Rule of Law, Report Says. A U.S. justice system already pummeled by blows from the Great Recession is getting more bad news this morning. A report released by the World Justice Project—a 3-year-old initiative sponsored by the ABA and a number of other organizations representing various disciplines—says the United States lags behind other leading developed nations on all but one of nine key measures of adherence to the rule of law. The findings for each country are based on surveys of some 1,000 residents in three leading cities as well as experts in the law and other disciplines. Hier der vollständige 125seitige Bericht: Report 2010. Die USA findet sich insbes. auf Seite 92 und 93, Deutschland wurde nicht in die Untersuchung aufgenommen.

The good news is that the U.S. ranks no lower than 11th among 35 countries covered by the index on any of nine key rule of law principles. But when compared with 10 other nations designated in the index as “high income,” the United States ranks near the bottom in nearly all of those categories.

Every major region of the world is represented in the index. Peer groups of nations are categorized by the index on the basis of socioeconomic factors and region, but not form of government.

Notably, the United States ranks at the bottom of both its 11-nation economic group and its seven-nation regional group (Western Europe and North America) on providing access to civil justice through the courts and representation by attorneys or other legal professionals. The other members of the high-income group are Australia, Austria, Canada, France, Japan, the Netherlands, Singapore, South Korea, Spain and Sweden. The Western European nations and Canada also make up the regional group with the United States ...

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