EU Patent: Translation Into 'Language Customary In The Field Of International Technological Research'

On October 06, the Belgian EU Presidency has sent a paper to the EU Council which is titled Proposal for a Council Regulation on the translation arrangements for the European Union patent - Political orientation and which now has been made public as Document 14377/10.

Primarily, the Document re-iterates earlier statements in favour of introduction or machine translation technologies for obtaining cheap patent translations. According to the text, in order to improve access to technical information on patents in local languages for all users of the patent system in Europe, the timely availability and high quality of machine translations into all EU languages is an indispensable element of the translation arrangements of the European Union patent. In order to achieve this, the Presidency concludes, the Commission shall establish a cooperation programme with the EPO in order to ensure the timely availability of machine translations. Moreover, again according to the Document, the Commission shall provide all possible support, in particular financial support for the development and functioning of the system of machine translations at the EPO. It should be included in the draft Regulation on the translation arrangements for the European Union patent that the establishment and the functioning of the machine translation system should be subsidised from the EU budget ...

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