EU Commission presents "Innovation Union" Initiative as Belgian Presidency seeks Break-Through in EEUPC Language Issue (updated)

According to a recent press release, the European Commission published a Communication entitled “Europe 2020 Flagship Initiative Innovation Union”, which identifies ten key points required for turning Europe into a true "Innovation Union". Beside a number of structural and financial points to fostering innovation, the Commission also aims at improving Europe's IP infrastructure, especially with regard to patents:
Europe's intellectual property regime needs to be modernised. Agreement on the EU Patent would save business €250 million a year. The Commission will in 2011 make proposals for a European knowledge market for patents and licensing.
More precisely, the framework conditions for business to innovate shall be improved by creating the unified EU Patent and a specialised Patent Court (EEUPC), modernising the framework of copyright and trademarks, improving access of SMEs to Intellectual Property Protection, speed up setting of interoperable standards; improve access to capital and make full use of demand side policies, e.g. through public procurement and smart regulation. Under the headline "A single market for the 21st century" (section 3.1 of the paper), it is especially noted that the single market must remain an open market and that competition policy has to ensure that markets provide the right environment for innovation which, for instance, may be achieved by preventing anticompetitive agreements and ensuring that patents and property rights are not abused. The paper and the measures suggested therein will be discussed at the Competitiveness Council of 12 October and at the European Council in December this year ...Zum vollständigen Artikel

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