Vanity Post: Madras High Court Mentions Austrotrabant’s Blog In Google AdWords Decision

Cederic Manara a French author was so kind to pointed out that a small excerpt of this blog got mentioned in a side-note of an Madras High Court decision on Google AdWords. (For a description of the case please see the SPIC IP blog ) The post concerned is a post written as a response/summary of the IPKat’s Google AdWords Rapid Response Seminar this March.

“[ Note: In an opinion titled "From Biblical Questions to Delphian Confusion: ECJ's decision on Google France C-236/08", posted in Austrotrabant's blog, the decision of the European Court of Justice was criticised as one where the Biblical statement "'Seek and you shall find' found it's end in a judgment which is as confusing as a statement of the Oracle in Delphi.]“

Not having had time yet to read the whole decision (36 ...

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