Richard Stallmann interrupted EPO session at World Computer Congress in Brisbane

Following reports on the Australian itNews channel and The Register, a session of EPO patent officer Ralf Abbing relating to the 'big' issues in IP in relation to computing technology on this year's World Computer Congress (WCC) in Brisbane was interrupted by GNU founder and famous anti-patent activist Richard Stallman, advocating against, as Stallmann put it, the EPO's "campaign in favour of software patents in Australia" by carrying a placard saying "don't get caught in software patent thickets" and distributing copies of his article about IP being a seductive mirage. While Abbings explained that the requirements for software patent applications under the EPC follow a "very narrow interpretation" (see also posting on the EPO's G3/08 decision) which especially involves a "technical character" (e.g. processing physical data, controlling an industrial process, etc.) and excludes business methods (or "abstract ideas") form patentability, Stallman rather followed a political mission. He later told it that
(Richard Stallman) We're here at the World Computer Congress and what I've discovered is that the European Patent Office is here to campaign in favour of software patents in Australia. [.. ...
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