Internationaler Rechtsverkehr: A Road Show for German Law

"Law - Made in Germany" - heading slogan of a campaign that an "Alliance for German Law", consisting of the Federal Ministry of Justice, the Federal Bar, the German Bar Association, the Federation of German Judges, the Federal Chamber of Notaries Public, the German Association of Female Jurists and the German Notaries' Association, launched in October 2008. The major objective of the initiative is to advertise, especially to foreign entrepreneurs, the effectiveness and high cost transparency of German law, focussing on the fact that compared to other legal systems, German law is more competitive and better value for money. It is also intended to show that it will be worthwhile to choose German substantive law and Germany as forum for disputes in many cases, especially where cross-border legal relations of firms and corporations are concerned.

The campaign turns special attention to market participants in countries without an Anglo-American legal culture who for their contracts seek the reliability of a "large" and well-established applicable law - especially if they are unable to choose their own domestic law in negotiations ...

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