Programm der Common Session in Barcelona (Frühjahr 2009) online

Als einen Nachtrag zur kürzlich erfolgten Ankündigung der kommenden Common Session im Frühjahr 2009 in Barcelona, könnt Ihr nachfolgend das offizielle Programm einsehen.

BARCELONA COMMON SESSIONS The Common Study Programme in Critical Criminology Spring, 2009 Penal System and Human Rights How European democracies develop in the framework of contemporary crisis?

Venue: Faculty of Law, University of Barcelona Date: 22nd-24th April 2009

The consequences that the crisis of welfare culture have produced for the penal system (and also to another spheres of public policies), specially after the attacks against the United States on September 11th 2001, are very clear in western Europe in the last years. Zero-tolerance, emergency and/or exceptionality legislation, war against terrorism, extraordinary renditions… The current trend however seems clear enough: the punitive management of poverty, the thoroughgoing flexibilization of markets, more and more criminalization for dissenters and the `rolling back’ of state-provided welfare. The “public” sphere seems to be moving in these directions. There seems to be little immediate prospect of restraining the deployment of punitive power.

In this environment it is very important and necessary to probe deeper and analyze these sightings in a critical way ...

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